Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum & Other Election Issues #Egypt

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December 15th marked Egypt’s vote on the Constitutional Referendum.  Before PITAPOLICY posts up any opinions or analysis, we wanted to share a civic education video produced by Qabila Productions.  We just spoke with Perihan Ab0u-Zeid, who co-founded Qabila, a social-enterprise, and wanted to get some information on what the referendum issue is all about…so check out this public awareness tool and in Egyptian Arabic:

  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2

Note how these productions differ from the popular, satirical program “Al Barnamag” with Bassem Yousef.

As for opinions, here’s one by Ziad Akl : “The Referendum of Shame”.

Muslim Americans, Elections, Hashtags

The discussion on Egypt’s constitution brought to mind some thoughts that PITAPOLICY Founder, Mehrunisa Qayyum, had published in a few countries regarding our own US Elections.  The discussion of “Muslims for Obama” organizing and leveraging social media was specifically discussed on Aslan Media “How Social Media Mobilized Election Victory.” 

Mehrunisa Qayyum also wrote a second article published by Common Ground News Service “Muslim American Voters: Small Group Had Big Impact” reviewed the general dynamic of Muslim Americans participating in non-partisan (EMERGE-USA) and partisan efforts (Muslims for Obama).  CGNews Service translated this second article into French, Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.

Thankfully, other countries took an interest in these pieces and republished here:

  1. Eurasia Review
  2. Jordan – WorldNewsPoint
  3. PalestineIsrael Online
  4. French – Yenoo ~
  5. NewYorkustan
  6. Albany, New York
  7. My Black News: Online Magazine
  8. Mideast News Online Post: Editor’s Choice

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