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No Matter Who Wins, U.S. Empire Continuing on Course

The U.S. Presidential Debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney concluded this week with a debate on foreign policy, which focussed heavily on the U.S. relationship with the Middle East.  What’s the impact of each candidate’s foreign policies … Continue reading

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Providing Aid Hurts Recipient Countries’ Local Businesses Too

Do you think the United States should cut off aid to the Middle East? PITAPOLICY Founder Mehrunisa Qayyum explores this issue further, building on her September 25th post Cutting Off Aid to Arab World Hurts U.S. Business, in response to the … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Right to Protest?

Dear Pita-Consumers: Today’s post on Afghanistan is prompted by PITAPOLICY’s number one fan: its first subscriber. She brought to my attention Afghanistan’s protests regarding another Quran burning incident last week. One may argue that the protests are based on socio-economic … Continue reading


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Shar’iah Finance Part 2A: Articles of Interest on Islamic Banking

1) Source: Global Finance By Gordon Platt Islamic Bank Awards 2011~Annual Survey: Islamic Finance The Islamic finance industry is benefiting from a lack of confidence in the conventional banking sector and is expanding rapidly in emerging markets. 2) Source: MENAF.com … Continue reading

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Shari’ ah Finance Part 2: Ramadan Provides Opportunities to Leverage Social Capital

by: Mehrunisa Qayyum In this month, PITAPOLICY is highlighting Shar’iah Finance and its related Islamic components. The August 4th post identified the purpose and reasons for increased interest in Shari’ah finance. Also this month, the world’s 2 billion-ish Muslims engage … Continue reading


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High Level Foreign Policy Versus Grass Roots Level Outreach

by Ramah Kudaimi The uprisings which have taken place across the Arab region have prompted many to ask what role Arab Americans can- or should- play in supporting those demanding the fall of their authoritarian regimes. In particular Syrian Americans … Continue reading


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Women Leading in the Public Sphere: Demonstrating in the Square

This was first posted on Peace X Peace, an NGO focusing on 1) raising women’s voices, and 2) building cultures of peace. Visit their site to learn more about their interconnected work at: http://www.peacexpeace.org From Tiananmen Square to Tahrir Square, … Continue reading

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Iran Fires 14 Missiles in 2nd Day of War Games


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