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PITAPOLICY Proposes That Hajj 2015 Must Be “Year of Development”

Although Saudi Arabia tries to cap visa quotas per country, and refuses entry for those without accommodations, thousands of pilgrims from neighboring countries enter into Saudi Arabia at unchecked entry points. Last year, 15,000 illegal pilgrims were caught.  This year … Continue reading

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Beyond the Laboratory…and Into Diplomacy

PITAPOLICY continues its focus on the “T” in PITA (Technology) by breaking down the problem of Technology Use & Knowledge Sharing regarding science and diplomacy. This week, Stanford University PhD Candidate, Daniel E. Armanios, shares an in-depth piece regarding opportunities … Continue reading


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I Vote to Give Myself a Raise, After I Vote to Drive, But Before I Vote to Open a Business Without Male Guardian’s Permission…

By: Mehrunisa Qayyum, Founder PITAPOLICY Consulting Does economic reform follow political reform or vice versa?  Is it better to be an entrepreneur who demands the franchise, or to be the voter who articulates the need to expand more favorable business … Continue reading


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GCC: In Arab World, Money Offers Alternative to Reform

Source: MSNBC by Tarek El-Tablawy of Associated Press “The Arab Spring hasn’t come cheap…Money “exacerbates the problem, because you’re creating an even wealthier society with higher expectations,” said Gala Riani, Mideast analyst with IHS Global Insight, referring to Saudi Arabia’s … Continue reading

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Shar’iah Finance Part 2A: Articles of Interest on Islamic Banking

1) Source: Global Finance By Gordon Platt Islamic Bank Awards 2011~Annual Survey: Islamic Finance The Islamic finance industry is benefiting from a lack of confidence in the conventional banking sector and is expanding rapidly in emerging markets. 2) Source: MENAF.com … Continue reading

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