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How Did Ramadan Influence Hunger Conversation? Promote the Spirit of Global Development?

Dear Pitaconsumers, For those of you who celebrated the end of Ramadan on Eid Al-Fitr: a belated Eid Mabrook and Greetings to you all.  We at PITAPOLICY recognize that this is among the most blessed months for those who follow … Continue reading

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Ramadan: An Opportunity for SRI via Zakat & Empathy

PITAPOLICY wishes all pita-consumers, whether they observe Ramadan or not, another year of professional and personal success as you decide to invest your time and money into community projects and industries.  Please feel free to reflect along with us in … Continue reading

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Islamic Banking Part 1: Shar’iah Finance

Since this is the month of Ramadan in much of the Middle East & North Africa, or “pita-consuming”, region, PITAPOLICY will kick off Ramadan by looking at the topics of Islamic Banking and Diaspora communities in business. A finance degree … Continue reading


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