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Playing Poker in #Syria-Part 2

Earlier Sunday morning, Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar offered this headline: “Assad charts escape to Russia via Tartus to Lebanon.  Uhhh…great if that happens before Syria strike decisions become irreversible. Before the G-20 Summit, Syria was not at the top of the … Continue reading

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Drone Capture, Dismissing Diplomats, UN Report on Nuclear Activity…

There is an economic side to Iran as well… According to the New York Times, Iran’s subsidies regime, introduced to ensure a fair distribution of limited goods during the Iran-Iraq war, has placed enormous strains on the country’s finances, with … Continue reading


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Islamic Banking Part 1: Shar’iah Finance

Since this is the month of Ramadan in much of the Middle East & North Africa, or “pita-consuming”, region, PITAPOLICY will kick off Ramadan by looking at the topics of Islamic Banking and Diaspora communities in business. A finance degree … Continue reading


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