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Shar’iah Finance Part 2A: Articles of Interest on Islamic Banking

1) Source: Global Finance By Gordon Platt Islamic Bank Awards 2011~Annual Survey: Islamic Finance The Islamic finance industry is benefiting from a lack of confidence in the conventional banking sector and is expanding rapidly in emerging markets. 2) Source: MENAF.com … Continue reading

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Brazil: Arab Immigration Yields Cultural and Economic Gains-Huh?

by Andre Carletto As a kid growing up in Brazil during the 1970s, there was no Middle East. No, that is not completely true. As a matter of fact, when some place was rather far away, Brazilians used to say … Continue reading

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Europe & the Arab Spring: EU Policy for the Mediterranean Arab States (Part 2 of 3)

By Alec Simantov Part 2~ Abstract: In light of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions in 2011 and the spread of the ‘Arab Spring’ across the Middle East, the European Commission and the European Parliament have fundamentally called into question the … Continue reading

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PITA POLICY Welcomes TIME Magazine’s 2011 Influencers

“Words and numbers are equally important…it’s the thought behind them that speak and count more.”~PITA POLICY   Intelligence, humor, leadership, and innovation catapult our notable American Influencers into Time magazine’s 100 Influencers.  As an American-Muslim, who specializes in political economy … Continue reading


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