What will President #Obama discuss during his 2013 State of the Union Address? #SOTU

  1. Tomorrow, February 12th, 2013: PITAPOLICY will livetweet President Obama’s State of the Union Address from the Arab American Institute.  Which of the Maghreb countries below will he even mention in his address: Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt?  Will he discuss drones?
    1. PITAPOLICY’s latest political economy reflection published in the Vancouver Observer: “How Libya Can Earn Backs Its Frontier Market Status”
    2. About two weeks ago, The Project on Middle East Democracy held a forum with some of their co-authors of their latest report “MOVING beyond RHETORIC: How Should President Obama Change U.S. Policy in the Middle East?”.    The forum included
    • Esraa Abdel Fatteh, Democracy Activist visiting from Egypt (Also known as “Facebook Girl”, Fattah was interviewed by Mehrunisa Qayyum in 2011 for Horizons Magazine.)
    • Brian Katulis – Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress
    • Larry Diamond – Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution at Stanford University


    Tweets from #POMED Event

    Diamond talks about a creative idea to translate free courses to Arabic through Courses & to expand technology/internet broadband. #POMED

  2. Fattah: we need to be focused on economic development in Egypt, build projects in Egypt to change image of US administration #POMED

  3. Fattah: How can the Egyptian people have any confidence tht the US can or will do anything if there is more election fraud in Egypt? #POMED

  4. Political Legitimacy= @Katulis: We need to banish labels such as ‘#ArabSpring‘ ‘Arab Awakening’ or ‘troubles in the middle east’ h/t #POMED

  5. Diamond: There has to be some sense of urgency from the top in the Administration. To ask not just for a MENA plan, but a strategy. #POMED

  6. We concur: “historicizing” RT @maie_89 Abdel Fattah @Esraa2008 (on US policy and activists): They read. They write. And that is all. #POMED

  7. Abdel-Fattah: People are still willing to give up their souls for their country. #POMED #Egypt

  8. Beyond Rhetoric event going on now. Video will be posted at http://www.pomed.org  tomorrow. Our publication: http://pomed.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Moving_Beyond_Rhetoric-2.pdf … #POME

  9. Brain Katulis raises a good question: do we have someone w/ John Brennan-like stature lead on support of democracy movements in MENA? #POMED

  10. Fattah: We are struggling with Egyptian law, we need to change the constitution, we need a new government. #POMED

  11. Abdel Fattah (on US policy and activists): They read. They write. And that is all. #POMED

  12. Fattah: years later and we are still searching for social justice in Egypt @Esraa2008 #POMED

  13. Diamond: The economy will not recover with Morsy’s hegemonic approach and policies. #POMED

  14. Katulis: We need to contain conflicts such as those in Syria from crossing over borders #POMED

  15. Katulis: We need to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon #POMED

  16. Katulis: We need to banish labels such as ‘Arab Spring’ ‘Arab Awakening’, or ‘troubles in the middle east’ #POMED

  17. Katulis: We need to have country-specific strategy. And we can’t just preach to the choir. #POMED

  18. Katulis: There aren’t enough advocates in Congress to work on democracy policy. #POMED

  19. Katulis: The administration needs to define someone above the Assistant Secretary level to actually work on #MENA policy. #POMED

  20. Brian Katulis: We need to banish the terms ‘Arab Spring,’ and ‘Arab Awakening.’ #POMED

  21. #POMED Diamond, you spoke of a disappointment with admin action. What has held it back, an immovable U.S. bureaucracy, lack of imagination?

  22. Fattah: US administration has made the same mistakes in Egypt with Mubarak that they are now making with President Morsi #POMED @Esraa2008

  23. Fattah: US needs to support Egypt in this process, they need social and economic development. We have a crisis in Egypt. #POMED

  24. Abdel-Fattah: Foreign powers should be supporting the economy and the people from behind the scenes. #POMED

  25. Esraa Abdel Fattah: Foreign powers refuse to listen to the call of the people and only focus on govt-govt relationships. #POMED

  26. Diamond: Palestine/Israel, the time for a 2 state solution is rapidly evaporating. We have to re-energize this conversation. #POMED

  27. Diamond: Is it any surprise that Morsy’s power-grab was unrolled 2 days after the cease-fre? We need to stop falling for this. #POMED

  28. Diamond: Our voice’s been silent in #Bahrain. We need to stand against political imprisonment, failure to implement Bassiouni report #POMED

  29. Diamond: Get serious.Go beyond lofty rhetoric we need a clear unequivocal effort to not settle for a pseudo-democracy in Middle East #POMED

  30. McInerney: we’ve seen good rhetoric so far but a lack of follow up. US policy needs to live up to high standards of rhetoric #POMED

  31. Diamond: We can’t settle for pseudo-democracy. #POMED

  32. Larry Diamond: My advice to the Obama admin on #MENA: “Get serious!” #POMED

  33. At @POMEDwire‘s event on ‘How Should President Obama Change US Policy in #MENA?’ Will tweet interesting remarks! #POMED

  34. Join us in today’s event and direct your questions to #POMED : we’ll include a few from our virtual audience.

  35. Live tweeting our event @ 10:00EST How Should Pres Obama Change US Policy in MENA?Panelists include @LarryDiamond @Esraa2008 @Katulis #POMED

  36. #pomed McInerney: #Yemen commitment and institutional process helps avoid some pitfalls seen elsewhere in region. #CIPEEvents

  37. Mcinerny of #pomed: #Yemen youth now see revolution as how fundamental change is pushed if politics fail. Keep in mind. #CIPEEvents

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