@ASE Kicks of Envision Arabia, Followed by Nicolas Fayad #EAS12 Update #media

New York @NYU Campus Kimmel Center~Ahmed Shihab Eldin, Huffington Post Live Producer took the stage to kick off the Envision Arabia Summit – #EAS12 if you’re following!  PITAPOLICY/Mehrunisa Qayyum will try to “live-blog” upon request of Pitapal, Chris Schroeder.  Let’s see how long Qayyum can keep this up considering that there are 6 themes to keep track of: Technology, Science, Law & Human Rights, Economic Development (this will probably get the most attention, I wonder why ?!) Culture & Society,

  • Wonderful to see an powerful women, like Rafif Jouejati, the official spokesperson of the Local Coordinations Committee (LCC) in Syria both speaking AND tweeting about this second conference.  
  • Impressed by Lebanese architect, Nicolas Fayad, explains how the transformation of desert habitation represents the contemporary development of a significant part of the Arab world.  Forbes Magazine named Fayad among “30 Under 30” as notable in the discipline of art & design. Fayad states, “The contemporary #Arabic city became a symbol for development, whilst neglecting it’s heritage.” For example, look at the Gulf countries.   Fayad continues: “Within #Dubai‘s changing landscape, much of Dubai’s identity as a desert city has been lost…”
  • Also, very pleased to see a few of the Network of Arab American Professional chapters (DC, Philadelphia) attending as well someone from the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee.  Here’s what’s been shared via tweets so far!

“I don’t want first thing youth do after high school is apply for visa. I want them to have same opps in the Arab world we do here”#EAS12

“We always complain, but if we continue to deny that these problems are our responsibility nothing will be done.” #EAS12@ADInitiative

“I want to make the Arab world somewhere people want to be, want to stay.” @ADInitiative #EAS12 #ArabDev

“When I was watching the Arab Spring events I became motivated to join ADI” #EAS12 @ADInitiative

“People need to start caring about what happens to their neighbors.”#EAS12

“Our countries gave us something huge; our identities. We owe them something more, something huge.” @ADInitiative #EAS12 #ArabDev

#EAS12 “We owe our countries something huge” @ADInitiative

Opening ceremony video up and running, so many flashbacks!#EAS12

“Qatar offered 50 million euros to help #France Muslims, $100 million to Katrina in the US. Why r we developing rich nations?”@ASE #EAS12

“We are here to come up with new strategies and new models for sustainable development. We need to think creatively.” –@ASE#EAS12 #ArabDev

@ASE: “We are here to come up with new models for sustainability and development. We need to think creatively” #EAS12 #ArabDev

No better emcee than @ASE for the #EAS12 conference! Thanks for inspiring our future leaders & keeping things so positive.

We think the work the @ADInitiative is doing is fantastic! Tune in to their summit today and tomorrowhttp://www.arabdevelopment.com/en/live #ArabDev #EAS12

RT @RafifJ@ADInitiative #EAS12 “Why not us? Why should we have to rely on foreign aid?”

“Investors are there, people are willing to help you. Now you just need to take the initiative.” –@ASE @ADInitiative #EAS12 #ArabDev

15mADInitiativeADInitiative ‏@ADInitiative

Very excited to see project growth this #EAS12, as @ASE says “people are there to help you, you just need to take initiative”#ArabDev

“Enough pointing to colonial histories, let’ own up to our problems”#EAS12 @ASE

@ASE: “My question is why not us? Why do we have to rely on Western foreign aid” #EAS12

@ADInitiative #EAS12 “Why not us? Why should we have to rely on foreign aid?”

“If we had women leaders in the Arab world we would see a lot more progress” –@ASE @ADInitiative #EAS12 #ArabDev

“We are not just here to point out the problems but to combat the problems” – @ASE @ADInitiative #EAS12 #ArabDev

@ASE: “Now how many of you do something about this disappointment… When are we going to change the trend?” #EAS12#ArabDev

@ASE: “How many of you wake up, hear the news & feel deeply inside of yourselves that same pain, frustration & disappointment I do?” #EAS12

@ASE: “We don’t want to focus on problems today” #EAS12#ArabDev

At #EAS12 and @ASE is killin’ it.

“There’s a healthcare crisis in America, but there’s an even bigger one going on in Egypt” – @ASE #ArabDev #EAS12 @ADInitiative

Opening with our awesome MC @ASE #eas12 @ Kimmel Center For University Life http://instagr.am/p/QfAP3aQf_0/

“50-53% of world is under 30 but in Arab world it’s actually 70%” –@ASE – Great opps for youth of Arab region! #ArabDev #EAS12

Everyone who’s working on #ADI is incredibly nice and talented.#EAS12

Main lecture hall looks filled 2 capacity @ #EAS12. Fantastic attendance! Men & women, future leaders of the Arab world.@ADInitiative

Just met the wonderful Rafif Jouejati. She is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to talking to her for longer. #EAS12

At @ADInitiative summit & very excited for what’s to come! Last night’s gala had some very inspiring words & amazing ppl! #ArabDev#EAS12

35mHind FrancisHind Francis ‏@hindfrancis

@ADInitiative fever is back! Super excited about #EAS12 even though I can’t be there in person. But I’m streaming it live 😀#ArabDev

You’ll be great! RT @YaraAlsayes#EAS12 is officially starting. So exciting! Stomach is in knots even though our speech is tomorrow.

Auditorium is filling up! Excitement is contagious! #EAS12 @ Kimmel Center For University Life http://instagr.am/p/Qe–OUQf-Z/

#EAS12 is going to officially start in a little bit. So exciting! My stomach is in knots even though our speech is tomorrow.

Day 1 of the 2012 Envision Arabia Summit is about to start. Tune in with us, and follow the #EAS12 and #ArabDevhttp://fb.me/I0qV17jP

Good morning all, livestream is up and running so feel free to tune into the #EAS12 madness: http://goo.gl/pFkE7 #ArabDev

Startup Ecosystem is one of 6 components of #ArabDev#PITAPAL@CMschroed latest essay MT @ADInitiative http://ow.ly/ehl66#EAS12 #tech

All the technical issues are fixed and I’m ready now :-)) #EAS12

Watching organizers of #EAS12 get participants registered. Amazing professionalism & poise. Our future leaders are ready. @ADInitiative

I’m so politically illiterate :p I just had a pure political conversation with Mr.Nasser @weddady #EAS12

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