World Economic Forum Covers Energy, Employment, #SSN, #Syria…What did the #WEF not cover?

  • PITAPOLICY was quoted Al Jazeera’s show, “The Stream”, storify page!!!

#IranElection questions and comments

Members of The Stream discuss the #IranElection. Is Iran going offline ahead of the June 14 elections? See which responses make it on air, watch the live stream of our show Thursday, May 23, at 19:30 GMT: Click here for full story!


  1. .@AJStream Bigger than during the Green Rev in that more watchdog groups will be monitoring internet blackouts #IranElections #FilterNet



The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development will supply the amount in annual installments over a 10-year period.

Kuwait has granted fellow Gulf Arab state Oman $2.5 billion to fund development projects as part of a regional programme initiated in 2011 after protests, Oman’s state news agency reported on Monday.

  1. epeat of RT “there is a severe need for substantial subsidy reform” Aljarwan
  2. Intra-trade? MT New Vision 4 Arab Employment Requires Regional Renaissance

  4. Syria: As we’re talking peace, people are actually preparing for more war – via

  6. Postponing elections in gives fake sense of stability.if politicians fight like on electoral law how will they solve harder issues?

  7. vested interests need . #Syria#biz RT Assad’s Key to Survival: Loyal Businessmen

  8. 90% of ‘s exports & imports travel thru 2 ports, Haifa & Ashdod via

  9. There are 50 trln cubic feet of shale gas in some Arab countries: , Jordan, ~F. Gergab, NOC Libya MT

  10. 17 IMF programs were implemented in Turkey between 1961-2002, non of them were successful.

  11. Turkey has a taxing system that favorites investment & production & export but penalize consumption heavily

  12. Over 60% of visits to Youtube in Saudi Arabia are from mobile device – 47% in MENA & only 15% globally.

  13. Isn’t it ironic that throughout the Arab unrest, education debate has received so little air time? –

  14. “The more educated you are – the more likely it is that you cant get a job in this region” John K Defterios

  15. Ellen Kullman @ : Science, by its nature, changes markets and behaviors.

  16. Business leaders believe development plan can cut Palestinian unemployment from 21% to 8% – Kerry

  17. The 2 other winners are of and @mazenmkhalil from

  18. Concur on . eg RT ‏ “subsidies are useless as they only serve the rich” Kabariti

  19. Then do st abt it! Get to take responsibility! We focus on region, so that’s how we R adrsing it.

  20. India’s climate is not as dry, arid as Libya’s. there’s still time for u to address ur water stress, not issues.

  21. ‘evidence pouring in has lost almost all of – “Assad is winning” narrative is being exposed as bullshit’ h/t

  22. what %age used by ? RT ‏ spends around 20% of its GDP on importing

  23. aside, was going to need medical anyways- regime has history of targeting even its OWN docs

  24. Most of the aid we deliver in Syria goes into government-controlled areas – Aleinikoff

  25. .: We have found torture devices in , used to stretch people to death and get false confessions –

  26. UN rules: aid can’t enter rebel areas w/out Syria’s permission. Sec. Council could change that – Aleinikoff

  27. Even if Syria violence were to stop today, the impact, the displacement will be felt for years – Aleinikoff

  28. MENA energy subsidies as a proportion of government expenditure are highest in the world with 25.49%

  29. As delegates to meet, need to ask selves:1 what the central challenges to region are, & 2 what those gathered can do about them

  30. What is being done to revert back to Net exporter? RT ‏ “Today, the is a net importer” Aljarwan

  31. Virtual will be needed RT : In Aleppo, student attendance dropped to 6%

  32. “RT Syria: As we’re talking peace, people are actually preparing for more war –

  33. We’re looking to mobilise $4 bln in investment to help develop Palestinian – Kerry via

  34. Israel is not intervening in the crisis. We are silent, but not indifferent – Israel’s Peres

  35. . As usual, Saida: u have ur pov, we have ours, has theirs, and ppl of theirs-which trumps any1 we’ve MT’d.

  36. Our friends who have volunteered as physicians/surgeons for are risking their lives each day while using 19th cnty tools

  37. “political solution urgently needed to stop country’s dangerous fragmentation and resolve refugee crisis” King Abdullah

  38. Yossi: Mr. Schwab and acted as a facilitator to hold secretive meetings between us so we would be able to reach this initiative

  39. May we ask which Israeli and Palestinian companies and support the 2 states proposed by ?

  40. We need to settle the refugees issue. We can’t remove it from negotiations – Mahmoud Abbas

  41. : We want a modern, democratic Palestinian state that would preserve women’s rights, rule of law – Mahmoud Abbas

  42. We need two states, Israel, Palestine, living side by side in peace, dignity and freedom – Israel’s Peres

  43. “Blood vessels blocked with hairpins”~Surgeon as Regime Specifically Attacks Hospitals

  44. All kind of violence is betrayal to all religions

  45. on vocational : invest in apprenticeship systems, show that becoming an expert gets better pay

  46. CER is the new CSR (corporate entrepreneurship responsiblity)

  47. Watch Shimon Peres, Mahmoud Abbas, John Kerry and King Abdullah live together now at

  48. – “now’s a great time to be an enlightened monarch in the middle east” as a model for big bang, zero hour radical reform

  49. “In the past 90 years, Turkey had three springs before we finally saw summer,” says Hasan Cuneyd Zapsu, Turkish businessman at


Richer Gulf Arab oil exporters pledged in March 2011 to extend $10 billion over 10 years to Bahrain and Oman to support economic development.

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