Qusair: A microcosm of @UN politics at the Expense of 30,000 Besieged Inhabitants

PITAPOLICY believes that Qusair/Qusayr represents the standstill of politicking at the United Nations…below we have broken down the besieged Qusair into Politics, Impact, Technology, and Analysis that have developed since Senator John McCain’s visit to Syria.  


AP reports highest U.S. ranking official’s visit to Syria: Sen. John McCain says Syrian rebels battling the forces of President Bashar Assad need ammunition and heavy weapons to counter the regime’s tanks and aircraft.

McCain spoke Friday, the day after he returned from an unannounced trip to Syria. McCain says the rebels need some kind of capability to reverse a battlefield situation that currently favors Assad’s forces.

Gen. Salim Idris is chief of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army. He was with McCain on Monday as the lawmaker traveled inside Syria. McCain was the first U.S. senator to travel to Syria since the civil war began more than two years ago.

In a telephone interview, McCain said he met with 19 battalion commanders. He says lethal aid could be provided to them. More here and here:

Where Does the Syria Opposition in Syria Stand?



Al Jazeera Reports: UN wants safe corridor for Syrian citizens.  Government troops backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters pound Qusayr, as UN calls for residents to be allowed to flee.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Rupert Colville, Pillay’s spokesman, said the humanitarian corridor could only be created if both sides agreed.

“Some of those wounded will clearly die if they don’t get medical treatment,” Colville said.

“There should be a ceasefire at least and they let the civilians and the wounded get out and also let some aid in as well. Civilians who stay behind will need food and water.

“International law does require fighting forces to allow aid to civilians in this sort of situation.”


BBC Reports on Qusair/Qusayr ‘s Humanitarian Crisis: The Red Cross has expressed alarm over the situation in the besieged Syrian town of Qusair, and has appealed for immediate access to deliver aid.

Thousands of civilians are believed to be trapped as pro-government forces battle rebels, with medical supplies, food and water scarce.


Reuters reports: Sophisticated technology from Russia and Iran has given Syrian government troops new advantages in tracking and destroying their foes, helping them solidify battlefield gains against rebels, according to Middle Eastern intelligence officials and analysts.

The technology includes increased numbers of Iranian-made surveillance drones and, in some areas, anti-mortar systems similar to those used by U.S. forces to trace the source of mortar fire, the officials and experts said. Syrian military units also are making greater use of monitoring equipment to gather intelligence about rebel

Analysis: Russia…Cutting off Nose to Spite Its Face

NPR: A City of Assad Supporters in War-Ravaged Syria listen here.

  1. Russia blocks “Declaration of Alarm” DESPITE that the International Red Cross has called for immediate access to besieged ht
  2. Russia blocks draft text because the  had “failed to speak out when was seized by rebels” MT



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