Is the Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt’s Debt Right to Contest the IMF Loan?

  • PITAPOLICY has noted the debate involving the “Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt’s Debt”, which is actively contesting the IMF’s $3.2 billion dollar loan to Egypt scheduled to finalize by end of of Sunday.  PITA-consumers: what are your thoughts?
  • On a more positive development: PITAPOLICY and its past contributors would like to congratulate this year’s Time 100 Most Influential people.  In particular, those from the pita-consuming region are listed below and receive the “PITAPOLICY PLUG”:
  1. Ali Ferzat-Cartoonist, Syria
  2. Samira Ibrahim-Plaintiff, Egypt
  3. Manal Al-Sharif-Activist, Saudi Arabia
  4. Maryam Durrani-Broadcaster, Afghanistan
  5. Rached Ghannouchi-Politician, Tunisia
  6. Asghar Farhadi-Filmmaker, Iran
  7. Ali Babacan & Ahmet Davutoglu-“Neo-Ottomans”: Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Turkey
  8. Hammad bin Jassem bin Jaber al-Thani-Prime Minister & Foreign Minister, Qatar
  9. Ayatullah Ali Al-Khamenei– Supreme Leader, Iran
  10. Iftikhar Chaudry-Chief Justice, Pakistan

10 percent of the list reflects global influence from the pita-consuming region! Last year, PITAPOLICY listed those from 2011.


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