Honoring #InternationalWomensDay: March 10th Workshop~Strategy Development & Yoga to De-Stress

March 10th: “Mind Your Body, Mind Your Stress” Workshop
Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day!  Regardless of gender, we all have stress and professional development goals, so our workshop does not discriminate!  Maybe you need to gain info on social media strategy and tips to launch your OWN business, or next project?  Join us this Sunday, March 10th, for our 3rd “Mind Your Body, Mind Your Stress” Workshop!
Jordin’s Paradise yoga workshop where PITAPOLICY Consulting & Blog will start you off right with professional tips and ease your mind. Yoga to follow – led by Jordin’s Founder, Rania Jaziri! Join us and others to EXERCISE YOUR BODY & ENTREPRENEURIAL MIND 🙂 Details and Registration here.
Breaking Bread Over Pita-Bread

Breaking Bread Over Pita-Bread

For those of you who follow @SocialinDC, please add this professional development and yoga workshop to your weekend “To Attend List”!  Here’s our program breakdown…
Program Series: Mind Your Body; Mind Your Stress Workshop: “Developing Mission & Strategy”

Mission: To support women who want to address stress while improving their professional development: starting a non-profit, envisionaing a campaign, establishing a business. In a nutshell, this workshop is designed for women who want to renew their mind, body, and spirit!

  • Schedule: A monthly series of “Mind Your Body” that target work stress by managing it physically, emotionally, and mentally
    • 45 minutes of physical activity
    • 45 minutes of professional improvement
    • Remaining time for structured one on one time with Q & A
  • Date/Time: Sunday March 10th,  at 2pm-4:00 pmCost for Workshop: $35
  • Program Format:
    • 2pm-2:10: Introduction & Explanation of Format
    • 2:10-2:40: Workshop presentation on Developing Mission & Strategy
    • 2:45-3:40: Shift to Physical Management of Stress=Yoga positions that target top 3 stress areas of young professional women
  • Questions? Contact: Mehrunisa Qayyum: qayyum@pitapolicyconsulting.com

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