Global Donors Forum (April 13-16): PITAPOLICY EXCITED to Attend

Greetings Pita-consumers!

The biennial Global Donors Forum is coming to Washington, DC this year at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.  PITAPOLICY is excited to be invited to participate!  From April 13-16, the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists convene to discuss how to promote effective giving and forge strategic partnerships for high-impact social investment.  This year’s theme is “Celebrating Philanthropy in Emerging Economies”, which will cover a few Arab countries in transition, like Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.  In 2008, GDF launched its first forum in Turkey.  Since then, the group has expanded and traveled beyond the MENA region and met in Malaysia at its last biennial event.

Philanthropy has transformed and has been transformed–including in the Middle East & North Africa region.  A variety of factors continue to impact the philanthropy culture and trends within the MENA region, that range from social to socio-political to economic factors, like the Arab transition countries’.  Even though philanthropy is traditionally viewed as outside of politics, the role that development aid assumes does, indeed, recognize the role of politics as more institutions participate in aid giving through public-private partnerships..   But even before political changes in “Arab Awakened” countries, other socio-economic–dare we say religious-cultural factors like Islamic Banking and Zakat– factored into the philanthropy narrative. Given the increasing interest in public-private partnerships, it makes sense that the Global Donors Forum provides a space for such discussion beyond MENA countries.  Given the above, it makes sense that the Global Donors Forum is coming to DC: a global hub for civil society organizations to convene.



  • GD-logo-finalCelebrating Philanthropy in Emerging Economies

    Celebrating Philanthropy in Emerging Economies


    No longer is society looking outside their communities and national borders for change. Whereas, aid was once the only option, now regional philanthropy is increasingly positioning itself as the “game changer.” This sliding dichotomy from aid to philanthropy has already begun and nowhere is it more pronounced than in the “emerging economies.”

    Emerging economies provide opportunities for understanding the consequences of rapid growth and industrialization – including negative social and environmental effects. Donors working for change in these regions are often faced with complex social, political and legal contexts as they work to improve conditions for the citizens. Global Donors Forum carves a path that calls for business, government and civil society leaders to move beyond incrementalism and to dare, to dream and to design a whole new way forward.~GDF


Participation: Sponsors, Partners & Knowledge Contributors:

If you have an interest in philanthropy–as in how to get involved, or understanding the trends that affect your social and humanitarian causes–you should consider registering!  Registration ends April 6th.  The GDF will host donors and thought leaders to answer your questions during workshops.  

Global Donors Forum Sponsors, Partners, & Knowledge Contributors include:

  • UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO; The World Bank, IFC; US Department of State; Dubai Cares
  • Harvard; George Mason University; Case Business School (London)
  • Save the Children; OXFAM, Education for Employment (EFE), Agha Khan Foundation, Akhuwat, Salam
  • International; Rockefeller Foundation; WFDD
  • GIFR; Academy of Philanthropy; Young Entrepreneurs in Philanthropy; MUPPIES; CSR Finance Institute
  • Al Faleh Group; Microsoft; Edbiz Consulting, KPMG

… is just a sample from the list.  If you decide to attend, tweet @PITAPOLICY your thoughts!  Details of which workshops PITAPOLICY Founder, Mehrunisa Qayyum, will be participating in to be announced in April.  Hope to see you there!



  • H.E. Dr. Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh Al-Thani CEO of Al Faleh Group, Qatar
  • H.E. Dr. Abdulaziz Othman Al-Twaijri Director General, ISESCO, Morocco
  • Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen OIC Envoy to the United Nations
  • Amir Dossal, Founder & Chairman Global Partnerships Forum, United States
  • Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur, Director The African Leaders Malaria Alliance, United States
  • HRH Princess Maha Bint Abdulaziz Al Saud Atheeb Group, Saudi Arabia
  • Ambassador Zainul Abidin Rasheed Member of Parliament, Singapore
  • Dr. Imtiaz Khan Chair, Board of Directors, WCMP, United States
  • H.R.H. Princess Banderi A.R. AlFaisal Director General, King Khalid Foundation, Saudi Arabia
  • Tan Sri Dr. Munir Majid Chairman of Bank Muamalat, Malaysia
  • Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool The Envoy of South Africa to the United States
  • Robert S. Kallen President, RSK Strategies, United States
  • Arsalan Iftikhar Founder,, United States
  • Ayah Mahgoub MENA Sustainable Development Department, The World Bank
  • Tariq H. Cheema Founder & CEO, WCMP, United States

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