Forget #Sandy, It’s All About #TedX Baghdad

Greeeeeeetings Pita-Consumers:

For those of you on the Northeast coast of the U.S. PITAPOLICY hopes and prays the best for you as well as the power getting turned back on.  Winds are about 38 miles per hour in our neighborhood, so PITAPOLICY would like to take this as an opportunity to highlight a positive development in the land where much of civilization began…Mesopatamia, which includes modern day Iraq.

Transglobal Ideas: From Community to Unity

A year ago, I heard about the first TEDx summit in Baghdad, Iraq from another pitapal.  I interviewed one of the coaches and included observations in another article reviewing Iraq immediately after the U.S. troop withdrawal: Transglobal Ideas: From Community to Unity.

TEDx is a summit that features a series of inspiration talks regarding Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  TED’s goal is to provide a platform for “ideas worth spreading”   Within the pita-consuming region, TEDx had already taken root in Ramallah and Cairo.  So Yahay Alabdeli, an Iraqi living in the Netherlands, was inspired to bring this forum to his native Iraq.  “My Baghdad is not a city of bombing,” shares Alabdeli.  Here’s where he explains how it all began.  Follow TEDxBaghdad on Twitter: @TEDxBaghdad

Congratulations on moving on convening a second TEDx Baghdad!

Check out prominent speakers from the pita-consuming region or discussing the MENA region:

And many more to keep you preoccupied from bad weather…as well as share in the excitement of the conference in Baghdad…

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