New York’s C3 Summit: U.S.-Arab Forum for Business Development

New York – Since July is all about development in the pita-consuming region, PITAPOLICY is proud to announce that it will be ATTENDING the first C3 Summit as a Blogger.   From September 13th to the 14th, the C3Summitt  will convene 11 panels on Arab Business and Development in New York.  President Bill Clinton will deliver the Keynote Address for this U.S.-Arab Global event.  Pita-consumers are invited to review and register, since Hazami Barmada, Founder of Al Mubadarah (Arab Empowerment Initiative)–and a PITAPOLICY supporter–has been invited to speak!  

Reconciling Facts & Figures

Since the start of this blog in May 2011, PITAPOLICY has shared a variety of human development indicators and statistics that reflect the diversity across the political economy landscape of the Middle East & North Africa region.  The blog has been a great platform for discussion.  The C3 Summit shared these stats:


  • According to the International Monetary Fund, the Arab world is faced with the challenge of creating 100 million new jobs by 2020.
  • Even with a conservative estimate, it costs at least $166,000 to have a single sales person live and work in either the US or Arab region for six months.
  • Reuters data shows that regional Arab economies must grow at a pace of 8 percent per year and create at least eight million jobs annually in the area stretching from North Africa to Pakistan just to maintain current unemployment levels, a problem that cannot be solved by creating more government positions

Natural Resources:

  • Should oil ever return to the unlikely price point of $50 per barrel, enough profits would be generated to create a cash surplus of $20 trillion by 2025.


  • Chronic diabetes is expected to rise worldwide from 366 million in 2011 to 552 million by 2030. According to global data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the Arab world will be among the highest prevalence for diabetes in the world.


  • Islamic banking is viewed as one of the fastest growing segments of the Islamic Financial Services Industry (in excess on $1 trillion in Shari’ah compatible assets under management).
  • In the Arab world, 9.1% of the population (33 million) now has diabetes. This number is expected to double with estimates that there are as many as 19 million people still undiagnosed.

However, now it’s time to elevate the discussion to the next level and see how one sub-region, the Arab world, will engage the public, private, and ‘third’ sectors, on the challenges raised.  Here is a selection of the panels that pita-consumers in the policy, advocacy, scholarly fields would find useful to address business development & support in the Arab world.

  • How the Arab World Became Less Dependent on the US and How to Move Arab Opportunities Back to the US
  • How to Manage the New Global Landscape Based on a Multipolar World
  • How to Identify and Develop Inbound/Outbound, Private and Public Investments
  • How to Get to a Deal, Make it Happen and Make it a Collaborative Success
  • How to Know What Sources of Islamic Capital are an Opportunity for Western Finance
  • How to Develop a US-Arab Global Effort to Curb Chronic Diseases Based on a Multibillion Billion Dollar Collaborative Effort
  • How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant
  • How to Blend Social and Traditional Media with Young and Old Cultures that Maximize Business and Growth Opportunities between the US and Arab Regions
  • How to Resolve US-Arab Strategic Challenges to Global Integration In Order to Survive and Prosper During the New World Order
  • How to Measure the Value of Cross-Cultural/Educational Exchange and the Role it Plays Between US-Arab Relations
  • Entrepreneurship and Job Creation in the Arab World and How the US Can Help

Participatory Philosophy of C3Summit2012:

Community: create a global platform for exchanging “best practices”

Collaboration: promote dialogue and grow existing relationships

Commerce: facilitate new ventures and opportunities

Register today for Early Bird Rate & Follow @C3Summit2012 on Twitter!  Follow Pre-Convention updates: #C3Summit

Please send your submissions to 

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