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United Nations General Assembly Speeches Underline #SyriaCrisis

The Annual United Nations General Assembly Summit is convening in New York.  The good news: the UN Secretary General –the highest office within the multilateral organization–Ban Ki Moon expressed support by looking forward to raising the Palestine flag like other … Continue reading

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We had to catch Gigi Ibrahim and Syrian election coverage on The Daily Show b/c El Barnamej canceled.

“Could you imagine a country that would strip civil rights under the guise of fighting terrorism… we are not so different, you and I.” ~Jon Stewart as he interviews Egyptian activist, Gigi Ibrahim on the “common ground” shared by US … Continue reading

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Playing Poker in #Syria-Part 2

Earlier Sunday morning, Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar offered this headline: “Assad charts escape to Russia via Tartus to Lebanon.  Uhhh…great if that happens before Syria strike decisions become irreversible. Before the G-20 Summit, Syria was not at the top of the … Continue reading

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Islamic Month of Dhul Hijja: Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility? #CSR

  Dear Pita-consumers: A few days ago, the Islamic month of Dhul Hijja started for Muslims in the pita-consuming region.  However, PITAPOLICY is struggling to put the events in the region into perspective.  The list of downers is quite frustrating: … Continue reading

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Syria Assessment: Defections & Reflections

PITAPOLICY Consulting has been tracking Syria’s developments since March 15th. A policy brief on civil society was published by the Middle East Institute. “The signs of blood on the walls, on the ground. On every street there are signs of … Continue reading


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