About Me

Mehrunisa Qayyum
International Development Consultant & Political Economy Analyst of the MENA region


  • Demonstrates 10 years of advanced research skills in areas of development assistance, and macro-economic indicators, Human Development Index, human rights, governance, institutional strength,
  • Possesses 8 years of MENA expertise regarding Department of Treasury internship in International Affairs Office, Arabic speaking skills, research of political economy challenges, and knowledge of both MENA & Islamic contemporary culture/ancient civilization
  • Writes Congressional testimony and reports; technical memos related to development assistance, human rights, international development; strategic planning articles for GAO & blog sites
  • Reviewed US process on Asylum Seeker and Refugee process managed by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Participated in field work programs for Task Force on Human Development in Pakistan assessing Vocational skills and micro-credit targeting women in Pakistan/Afghanistan refugees
    • MPP, Georgetown University
    • Certificate in Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University
    • Practicum: “Post-Colonial Growth in the Arab World”
    • Conducted an in depth project that consisted of preparing an Ordinary Least Squares model and collecting secondary data for analysis to assess Arab countries’ economic performance based on institutional strength and the Perceived Corruption Index compiled by Transparency International
    • Concatenated various data sets to create Institutional Strength Index
    • Certificate in Arab Studies
    • BA, University of Chicago

Selected Publications

  • GAO, “Department of Energy: New Loan Guarantee Program Should Complete Activities Necessary for Effective and Accountable Program Management”, GAO-08-750
  • GAO, “U.S. Public Diplomacy: State Department Efforts to Engage Muslim Audiences Lack Certain Communication Elements and Face Significant Challenges”, GAO-06-535
  • GAO, “DOE’s International Threat Reduction Program Needs to Focus Future Efforts on the Highest Priority Radiological Sources”, GAO-07-282
  • GAO, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: Focusing on the Highest Priority Radiological Sources Could Improve DOE’s Efforts to Secure Sources in Foreign Countries”, GAO-07-580T
  • Human Development Foundation, “Social Capital: Transforming a Community’s Citizens”, May 2007

Huffington Post, “Women in Middle East/North Africa Are Underrepresented in Science & Technology Professions” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mehrunisa-qayyum/women-middle-east-technology_b_1553440.html?show_comment_id=157849858#comment_157849858

Aslan Media, “Arab League Ambassador Visits DC”  http://www.aslanmedia.com/news-a-politics/301-world/4409-arab-league-ambassador-visits-dc

Kabobfest & CIOGC, “Hearings Versus Listening”

“Libya Queues in the No-Fly Zone Quagmire”

“Volunteering to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear: One Laugh at a Time”

“Ground Zero Mosque: Building a New Cordoba”
http://goatmilkblog.com/2010/08/05/ground-zero-mosque-building-a-new-cordoba/CV available upon request.

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