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Social Media Activist’s Guide to Influencing Mainstream Media #DCPFAF

  Greetings Pitaconsumers! PITAPOLICY is buusssy this week–and in a good way!  We are focusing on the experience of a social media activist’s guide to influencing mainstream media.  First off, PITAPOLICY is sponsoring its THIRD Tweetup.  This time we  will … Continue reading

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Socially Responsible Investment? $1.28 Million Tunnel…for One Family

PITAPOLICY continues with this month’s theme: Socially Responsible Organizing and Investing. Sunday’s post covered the socially responsible organizing efforts in the US: “Is Lobbying Considered Socially Responsible Organizing?”   On a sidenote, our posting from August  5th, “Negotiating with Egypt’s Military … Continue reading

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Palestine-Israel: A Business Economy Perspective

Note: PITAPOLICY is excited to repost two pieces posted from Electronic Intifada, which reviews Palestine-Israel through a business & economy lens. The first piece, posted on January 10th, 2012, was written by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director of the US … Continue reading


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International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People

By: Mehrunisa Qayyum Washington, DC – On Thursday, December 1st, The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States held “International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People” hosted by Ambassador Maen Rasheed Areikat and his wife. Although the … Continue reading


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Palestine: The History of Peacemaking & the Need for a Game-Changer

By: Omar Baddar **********************************************************************************************************Editor’s Note: Omar is focusing on the particular issue of Palestine, which will be discussed at a joint event held by the Network of Arab American Professionals-DC Chapter panel cosponsored by PITAPOLICY. On September 29th, at 6:30pm, … Continue reading


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Palestine: September 15th Countdown

Written by: Mya Guarnieri & Sarah Weatherbee Edited by: Mehrunisa Qayyum Editor’s Note: PITAPOLICY recognizes the political, economic, cultural, and institutional significance of the UN vote on Palestine. PITAPOLICY also believes in the discussion of all sides of the parties … Continue reading

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