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Syria’s Sexual Violence Rate on Par With Bosnia War

Aside from the Iraq War in 2004, the Syrian conflict represents the worst violence–not just in the region–but globally since the Balkan Crisis of the 1990’s. Continue reading

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Blockchain Tech Solutions in MENA

GetReceet’s founder, Omar Barkawi, imagines how blockchain solutions could advance “provenance” goals on a macro-level. Barkawi notes how tracking money and transactions would benefit from blockchain solutions, “tracking food purchase receipts informs health departments without household data identifiers”. Meanwhile, GetReceet’s funder, the Mideast-based Ibtikar Fund, notes how the money movement, financial services, and authentic property documentation remain a challenge, according to the Fund’s COO, Ambar Amleh, who highlighted the “physical stress of carrying and transferring all this cash” between Ramallah and Amman… Continue reading

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COVID-19 Impact in MENA

In addition to the economic and health impacts, COVID-19 exacerbates ongoing conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Continue reading

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