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No Matter Who Wins, U.S. Empire Continuing on Course

The U.S. Presidential Debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney concluded this week with a debate on foreign policy, which focussed heavily on the U.S. relationship with the Middle East.  What’s the impact of each candidate’s foreign policies … Continue reading

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Palestine: The History of Peacemaking & the Need for a Game-Changer

By: Omar Baddar **********************************************************************************************************Editor’s Note: Omar is focusing on the particular issue of Palestine, which will be discussed at a joint event held by the Network of Arab American Professionals-DC Chapter panel cosponsored by PITAPOLICY. On September 29th, at 6:30pm, … Continue reading


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Palestine: September 15th Countdown

Written by: Mya Guarnieri & Sarah Weatherbee Edited by: Mehrunisa Qayyum Editor’s Note: PITAPOLICY recognizes the political, economic, cultural, and institutional significance of the UN vote on Palestine. PITAPOLICY also believes in the discussion of all sides of the parties … Continue reading

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Iran Fires 14 Missiles in 2nd Day of War Games


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