Workshops, Kite-flying, & Docs=Youth Team Building @ADInitiative

New York~Again, PITAPOLICY is excited to share what has been presented at the 2nd Annual Envision Arab Summit, which is being held at New York University’s Kimmel Center.  If it weren’t for #PITAPALS, Bareeq Barqawi, certain aspects like  Like PITAPOLICY Founder, Mehrunisa Qayyum, is also serving as a Project Mentor. 
  • As Barqawi tweets about another organization working in Palestine “Voices Beyond Walls – an initiative for children to get involved with film, arts and theater in Gaza,”  the raw footage of “Flying Paper” by Nittin Sawhney contrasted with some of the more financially focused projects.
Human Rights Advocacy is Not Just A Right, But a Responsibility
  • Nasser Weddady (known on Twitter as @Weddady), a Human Rights Activist from Mauritania, does not limit himself to talking about his country’s activities.  In his 17 minutes, he described the steps involved in bringing about “Blogospheric pressure”.  For example, he described his earlier HAMSA project effort.  HAMSA organizes campaigns, develops campaigns, to unite people of conscious to support the movement to secure civil rights in the Middle East–in particular: Iraq, Egypt, and Bahrain.
  • HAMSA project is the brainchild of the American-based American Islamic Congress.  Although AIC includes some colorful characters on its board.  Nonetheless, their advocacy campaigns included challenging Nokia’s commercial role as Arab activists were jailed during the Arab Awakening.  The crowd had to stifle nervous giggles as the screen showed Nokia’s logo as “Connecting People” to “Jailing People”
Logging off now because Rafif Jouejati (known on Twitter as @RafifJ), a Syrian American woman whom I interviewed when the Syria uprisings first broke, has now taken the stage with “Good Afternoon, Future Leaders…” (I need a slice of humble pie before my next posting.)   As Ms. Jouejati shares, “My father worked for the United Nations.  In many ways, I am a product of the Syrian regime…I worked for state television as a news reporter.”  Immediately  I want to shout out “There’s no need for you to apologize.  You are taking ownership of a problem…you’re cultivating a public space for diaspora consciousness…”
  • Not many activists acknowledge that working within an oppressive regime’s public sector as almost “complicit” with working with an oppressive regime.  Usually they take pride in setting themselves above the government if they have had the luxury to escape the regime, or a real choice to work outside of government.  However, Ms. Jouejati, like many Syrians, worked for one of Syria’s public television channels, thereby “working for them regime” as she courageously states–although it was indirect and any reporter within a media-censored society would have also faced if placed in her shoes.  It is easier to disassociate oneself when not working in the country.   She is an activist through and through, and  as she’s inspired by non-violent protests, I am inspired by her example from the last 19 months.  I still remember her peacefully demonstrating against the Syrian ambassador outside his residence in Woodley Park.
Anyways, enough till next time.  My interview of her and other Syrian Americans may be found here: Syrian Diaspora: Cultivating a New Public Space Consciousness” by the Middle East Institute.

Learning about organization ‘Voices Beyond Walls’ – initiative for children to get involved with film, arts, and theater in Gaza. #EAS12

@FlyingPaperDoc the youth who have helped produce this were given lessons in filming, storyboarding & photojournalism!#Empowerment #EAS12

Mr. Sawhney showing some stories and photos from their youth workshops in #Gaza, teaching children about film and journalism#EAS12

@ANPour @dtakruri hosting #eas12 – you know how I do – multitasking and adhding

@FlyingPaperDoc required three visits to Gaza. Have we dreamed of going there once? #EAS12

“I was able to get to Gaza using my Indian passport and talk to my embassy.” #EAS12 #ArabDev @ADInitiative

Speaker at @ADInitiative summit talking about one of my idols and his friend, Juliano Mer-Khamis of the Freedom Theater in Jenin.#EAS12

@FlyingPaperDoc please donate to this excellent documentary. Why hasn’t this been nominated for a nobel prize? #EAS12 @ADInitiative

#eas12 @flyingpaperdoc and such campaigns are our way to free ourselves not only from current dictatorships but from any future dictators

Founders of Tahrir Supplies giving an inspirational talk about the journey of saving lives through twitter. #EAS12

After a week of exams and a weekend in #NYC for #EAS12, a large pumpkin spice coffee is what I’m drinking. #

@FlyingPaperDoc exclusive look into life in Gaza. Telling the story of a world we have ignored for too long. Incredible #EAS12

#EAS12 @ADInitiative todays speakers are truly inspiring. the girls from tahrir supplies are real examples.

“The Ladies of Tahrir” get a standing ovation after telling the crowd at #EAS12 how they developed @TahrirSupplies#Respect.#ArabDev

#tahrirsupplies you guys did a great job. Very inspiring #eas12#ArabDev

We’re flattered to have followed a video pres. by one of the most inspiring people of these years in our opinion, @DrBassemYoussef#EAS12

Interest in supporting the @FlyingPaperDoc, please find out more about how you can do so here: #EAS12#ArabDev

Reading tweets from #EAS12 while waiting at the dentist..I’m definitely missing out on Day 3 ..keep tweeting people.. 🙂

@ADInitiative Still tearing up from Tahrir Supplies girls talk! #EAS12

Getting goosebumps from the @FlyingPaperDoc trailer- “it’s not about flying the kites, it’s about something more spiritual” #EAS12

Prof. Nitin Sawhney from @FlyingPaperDoc is speaking now at#EAS12 on his new documentary- watching a trailer and a special preview today!

And up next, Prof. Nitin Sawhney from Voices Beyond Walls. Here’s his bio: #EAS12 #ArabDev

STANDING OVATION for the @TahrirSupplies girls, @AmiraAS and@YaraAlSayes. Fantastic work, we are all so proud of you. #EAS12#ArabDev

@YaraAlSayes: “Working on something like this restores your faith in humanity and in Egyptians- at least for us” #EAS12

Rest in peace to all the people lost in the battle for freedom in egypt, an example for the entire arab world! #EAS12 @ADInitiative

@AmiraAS: “No matter how many times you fail, remember that you stepped up & took responsibility for something that no one else did”#EAS12

Follow #EAS12 & @ADInitiative to hear what our @AmiraAS &@YaraAlsayes are saying about the efforts during Mohammed Mahmoud days and after.

Big thanks to @DrBassemYoussef for his inspiring video address! Youtube links to be sent shortly #EAS12

@DrBassemYoussef: “You are the global Arabs, we have high hopes for you and have put a huge burden on you”- on the role of diaspora#EAS12

@DrBassemYoussef: “Forget about the old world- we are old news- it’s up to you to make a difference through you passion and effort”#EAS12

Some of the topics that came out in #EAS12 #ADI at a Gulf state work group

@DrBassemYoussef: “What have you contributed as Arabs and Muslims to your communities? What have we achieved as a community?” #EAS12

@DrBassemYoussef: “It’s time to change the world, and not through burning flags but by being the best ambassadors of our identities”#EAS12

#EAS12 Day 2 is about to start!

@hussein_rashid Nicolas Fayad: “The contemporary #Arabic city became a symbol for development, whilst neglecting it’s heritage”#EAS12

Wabel Ghalayini ‏@wabelg

@ADInitiative 17 year old arab women scientist 3azza MASHALLAH#eas12 #arabdev

@AzzaFaiad is up next for #EAS12– we love this girl! Check out bio here:

Walla enkom kafoo ya ADI team. Love the video very inspiring. Thank you for the hard and dedicated work @ADInitiative #EAS12

Nicolas Fayad talking about infrastructure and development at#EAS12 cc: @ADInitiative

.@arabempowerment Hi @ADInitiative Been trying 2 live-blog/tweet#EAS12; Here’s quick summary of the 1st hour! #ArabDev

I wonder if any events like #EAS12 happening in London… can some one let me know plzzz??

Agreed. “@YaraAlsayes: Everyone who’s working on #ADI is incredibly nice and talented. #EAS12

Nicolas Fayad: How valid is the past in shaping the identity of a growing city? #EAS12

Nicolas Fayad: “Technological change presents a dillema for the planner who wishes to maintain history, and culture” #EAS12

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