Shutdown to Stepdown: Which Countries Are We Talking About?

Tunisia and the U.S. Share Common Ground: Dissatisfied Citizens

Source: Huffington Post by Mehrunisa Qayyum

Millions of citizens feel disappointed in their government. In the U.S., a government shutdown continues to punish its citizens and local DC businesses. Conversely, Tunisians force their government to step down as ruling party efforts frustrate the majority of citizens and their small businesses.

Economic Priority Is a Shared Challenge

Regardless of where Tunisians stood on the spectrum to support Ennahda, both sides of the spectrum still listed economics among top priorities. Religious politics did not divide Tunisians on the top priorities facing their country. For example, 79 percent of those confident in Ennahda believed that Ennahda was ‘Not effective’ while 74 percent of those who were not confident in Ennahda, believed that Ennahda was also “Not effective’. [Click here to continue.]

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