Kuwait Notes How American Muslims Organize & Vote

PITAPOLICY is pleased to share two items!

  1. WebShow: Last Thursday evening, PITAPOLICY Consulting Founder & Huffington Post Community Member, Mehrunisa Qayyum, appeared in her first Huffington Post Live Show as a guest for “Constitutionally Flawed” – a discussion on Tunisia, constitution status, civil society, and women’s rights.  (Thanks pita-consumers who tuned in and tweeted about it! @wasime @saidsworld & HuffPostLive Producer @caroMTehrani !)  Here’s the taped segment: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/502e79bffe34445bb10002b2
  2. A repost: a piece by one of its favorite pita-consumers, reporter for KUNA News, Heather Yamour.  Her piece for the Kuwait News Agency reviews the dilemma that American Muslims did not anticipate after Obama’s Cairo speech, yet face in the upcoming 2012 elections as both swing voters and voters in Swing states.   The piece, “Muslim American Voters Feel ‘Politically Radioactive'” ran on August 15, 2012. 

In addition, Yamour describes the recent Islamophobic attacks and anti-Arab, anti-Middle Eastern sentiment that has been voiced by key political forces.  Among those quoted include, Jihad Williams-Saleh (Liaison for Islamic Relief International) and Corey Saylor (Government Affairs Coordinator for Council of American Islamic Relations).  PITAPOLICY Consulting & Blog Founder, Mehrunisa Qayyum, was among those interviewed for background information.   PITAPOLICY would like to know if Kuwait is surprised at the present circumstances that American Muslims’ face in the upcoming elections.   Click here for full story.

Note: If you have a rebuttal, or would like to share a viewpoint in our September blog post, please contact us at info@pitapolicyconsulting.com or tweet us @pitaconsumer!


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